Quality Childcare and Education

Our programme includes a broad range of activities carried out to specifically support each child’s development.


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Our curriculum at St Brigid’s Day Nursery has been planned by the teachers to include the 4 themes of Aistear (Aistear is the Irish for journey), the recently launched Irish early years curriculum.

  1. Identity & Belonging
  2. Communication
  3. Exploring & Thinking
  4. Well-Being

Our Curriculum is child centred and examples of activities carried out include…

  • Social & personal skills
  • Language development – (stories,poems, songs, circle time, discussions…)
  • Knowledge of the world – (me, my family, my community, my town, my country, my world)
  • Seasons
  • Weather
  • Shapes & textures
  • Gardens, nature & animals
  • Physical education (Buntus)
  • Age, growth, lifecycles
  • Transport
  • Fine & gross motor skills (threading- bike riding)
  • Arts and crafts (playdough, gloop, painting, gluing, etc.)
  • Baking